Digital Transformation

Achieving the ‘Triple Aim’

Digital transformation has revolutionized business models in a variety of industries. The results reveal the business imperative of shifting the traditional value proposition from offering products to providing outcomes. Digitization is now changing the face of healthcare and ‘connected health’, with benefit to all stakeholders by achieving the ‘triple aim’ delivering a better care experience, improving health outcomes and reducing per capita costs.

GenBioCa advises Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies to pursue an evolutionary approach to already capitalized digital services in the short-term while ensuring long-term competitiveness at the same time.

Our services include:

  • Discovery sessions, Process maturity assessments, Blue printing
  • Technology maturity
  • Leverage Compliance frameworks
  • Digital roadmap
  • Implementation/Integration with Digital Adjacencies

  • Focus areas
    • Leadership
    • Digital Infrastructure, Enterprise systems, customer/partner ecosystems
    • Productivity/Efficiency
    • Retooling, Skilling
    • Infrastructure Policy
    • Standards and Compliance, Audit Controls
    • Learning and Development processes
    • Measurable indicators will an idea how we are progressing
    • Healthcare, Pharma, Med Devices
    • Efficiencies (Cost, Productivity)
    • Impact on Sales/Revenues
    • Data/Analytics to drive better decision making

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