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Achieving the ‘Triple Aim’

Digital Transformation in the Pharma and Healthcare sectors have brought in ROI, the ROI is a function of Processes redrawn/improvements, reduction in costs, reduction in throughput time on the process. These have been possible by bringing in Automation, integration, keeping compliance in mind.

GenBioCa advises Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies to pursue an evolutionary approach to already capitalized digital services in the short-term while ensuring long-term competitiveness at the same time.


Our services include:


  • Discovery sessions, Process maturity assessments, Blue printing
  • Technology maturity assessments
  • Embedded Leverage Compliance requirements
  • Roadmap for the enterprise/business units
  • Implementation/Integration with 3rd party COTs and other external systems/equipment.



Focus areas
  • Leadership
  • Digital Infrastructure, Enterprise systems, customer/partner ecosystems
  • Productivity/Efficiency
  • Retooling, Skilling
  • Infrastructure Policy
  • Standards and Compliance, Audit Controls
  • Learning and Development processes
  • Measurable indicators will an idea how we are progressing
  • Healthcare, Pharma, Med Devices
  • Efficiencies (Cost, Productivity)
  • Impact on Sales/Revenues
  • Data/Analytics to drive better decision making

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