Digital Transformation

Software as a service (SaaS)

digital asset management systems act as an asset repository that can automate the delivery of approved, brand-compliant content. It comes with ideation capabilities that help to streamline both content ideation and content planning (Digital Asset Management DAM) .

Companies need to monitor content design, creation, approval and distribution in one easy to use tool. This means managers always know how much content costs to create, its authenticity & consistency and how well that content performs for the organization.
Aims to speed up the process of creating and distributing compliant content. Our focus is on highly specialized industries such as the pharmaceuticals industry, and includes support for medical, legal and regulatory (MLR) reviews.
Workflows allow reviews, approvals online. Reporting tool that helps marketers gather information to inform their future campaigns. The platform features a tool that can bulk publish or withdraw content across multiple platforms. This is a particularly useful tool for those who may need to quickly withdraw or update campaigns based on regulatory requirements.
GenBioCa understands the business processes and provides support on industry specific DAMs such as Aprimo, Veeva Promomats, AEM .

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