Clinical Trial Management

The advancement in technology has equipped us with powers like Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems, integration capability, IxRS, wearable devices, APIs and many more. However, there is a need to leverage it’s maximum usage potential to develop better management of patients, trial, cost and RoI.
Our expertise in implementing CDMS systems has helped organization overcome challenges faced in using EDC/ CDMS systems. We deal with varying needs of organizations that include

  • Offline data capture
  • Digital tablet supported
  • BYOD supported
  • Secured dedicated cloud server
  • Live dashboard view of trial status
  • Speech recognition
  • Finger print ready
  • Gamification ready
  • Community engagement

Our Services (Implementation/Support)

Protocol Review and Validation
Study Setup
  • eCRF designing
  • Database designing
  • Patient guidelines
  • Database programming
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Validation services
  • Impact Analysis and Migration activities
Study Conduct
  • Data cleaning and validation
  • Trial Reporting
  • Site performance management
  • Live Dashboard view of trial status
  • Live analysis of patient recruitment status
  • Interim analysis
  • Database lock
Study Closeout
  • Reporting
  • Statistical Analysis
  • e-documentation
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