Laboratory Informatics

GenBioCa can help organizations assessing the landscape, current level of technological maturity and provide custom solutions. These will cover all requisite aspects from Regulatory Standards to Digitization of various key processes to maximize your ROI and remain compliant.

We serve in two types of laboratories:

  • Clinical Labs (Pathology/diagnostic labs)

  • QC/Testing labs in Pharma Companies

Automation and use of advanced technology in Clinical Lab is the


  • Tele-examination and tele-diagnosis
  • Virtual healthcare
  • Wearable devices monitoring health
  • Personalized medication
  • Use of advanced Information technology
  • Barcoding of samples and tracking
  • Managing logistics: Equipment availability, reagents, prioritization
  • Alerts, notifications, trigger points, enforced protocols
  • Monitoring and analytics of performance
  • Research and Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Documentation, reporting

For more information, please refer LIMS Brochure

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