Your Health and Climate Change Solution

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Problem Statement

65% of the Global Population are affected by Change in Climate. Rising healthcare expenditure puts a burden on customers and health organizations.

Our Solution

moringa is a data platform that provides solutions and suggestions to customers based on 63 weather-related diseases and a symptoms-based approach to arrive at disease and probable causes. Customer data is secure and encrypted, and conforms to regulatory standards viz. HIPAA, 21 CFR, GDPR, ADA.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Prognosis based on Symptoms, Weather, other dimensions.
Preventive care
Complements Doctor/Physicians

moringa Use Cases


  • Climate Platform across the country for registered citizen
  • Reduce Hospitalizations
  • Nationwide repository for registered citizens with lab and diagnostic data
  • Trending Diseases across locations, age groups, pre-existing conditions

  • Laboratories

  • Centralized database of all lab results across the country for registered citizens
  • Minimize Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Seasonal trends of diseases based on patterns, inputs to drug makers/ pharma companies

  • Insurance Companies

  • Reduce the number of claims by proactively engaging with registered members
  • Re-factor risk during the year rather than renewal time
  • Reduce the risk exposure with registered customers who are at high risk
  • Reduction in needless hospitalizations

  • Independent Health Rating Provider

  • Centralized Lab, Health data, based on climate of registered customers across the country
  • Better quality of data for underwriting

  • Hospitals

  • Better planning of infrastructure needs based on trends diseases
  • Divert more footfalls to Consultants/ Doctors

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Better demand forecast of drugs based on seasons, locations, and other patterns

  • Pharma Trials

  • Volunteer Onboarding
  • moringa can provide additional data that can improve the quality of clinical data in trials

  • Outcomes

    Take Action Today

    Join our campaigns and events to protect yourself from climate-related health risks.

    Condition-based Cohorts

    Our platform helps you identify and connect with people with similar health conditions and climate risks.

    Near Real-time Data

    Our platform uses your geo location, medical history, and weather data to provide real-time health recommendations.

    Predictive Analytics

    Our platform uses machine learning to predict the impact of changing weather on your health.

    Our Stakeholders

    We collaborate with insurance companies, pharma, CROs, hospitals, doctors, and labs to provide the best health solutions to our customers.


    moringa's benefits to an insurance company include:
    •    Lower healthcare costs through personalized care and health condition management
    •    Improved customer engagement through data-driven targeted recommendations
    •    Enhanced risk management through predictive analytics
    •    Increased efficiency with cloud-based platform and real-time data analysis
    •    Regulatory compliance with HIPAA, 21 CFR, GDPR, and ADA standards
    Overall, moringa's data-driven approach to personalized health and wellness can significantly benefit insurance companies by reducing costs, improving engagement, and enhancing risk management and efficiency while ensuring regulatory compliance.

    moringa's benefits to an Hospital include:

    •    moringa is a data platform for healthcare organizations to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.
    •    The platform uses a symptom-based approach to quickly and accurately identify and treat weather-related diseases, leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced hospital stays.
    •    By identifying and treating these conditions early, hospitals can also reduce the cost of patient care and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.
    •    moringa provides engagement tools to help patients take an active role in their care and improve their health outcomes.
    •    The platform allows hospitals to identify patient populations at risk for weather-related diseases and develop targeted interventions.
    •    moringa delivers near real-time data on weather-related diseases based on patients' geolocation, medical history, weather, and surroundings, allowing hospitals to respond quickly to changing conditions.
    •    The platform is designed to complement existing hospital systems and workflows, making it easy to integrate into operations.
    •    Overall, moringa offers significant benefits to hospitals, helping them improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and engage patients in their care.

    moringa's benefits to Pharma Companies:

    •    moringa's platform utilizes near real-time data to help individuals manage and monitor their health, based on geographical location, medical history, weather, and surroundings.
    •    The platform can benefit pharmaceutical companies in several ways, including:

        •    Efficient targeting of patients for clinical trials by identifying relevant cohorts based on weather-related diseases, symptoms, and other data points.
        •    Improved patient outcomes by providing insights into the impact of weather on health and enabling the development of personalized treatment plans.
        •    Better risk management by accessing real-time data on weather-related diseases and other health-related factors, identifying potential areas of concern, and developing risk management strategies.
        •    Cost savings by improving clinical trial efficiency, accelerating drug development, and reducing the number of patients needed for trials.
    •    moringa is committed to providing data-driven solutions that can help pharmaceutical companies improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and manage risks more effectively.
    •    moringa offers a demo of their services and is open to discussing how their platform can benefit pharmaceutical companies.

    moringa's benefits to Public Health include:

    •    Improved healthcare access: moringa provides insights into the impact of weather on health, enabling healthcare providers to identify and prevent weather-related health risks.
    •    Cost-effective solutions: moringa's personalized, condition-based cohorts help hospitals and clinics tailor treatment plans, reducing healthcare costs and increasing efficiency.
    •    Enhanced patient engagement: moringa's engagement features encourage patients to take an active role in their own health.
    •    Regulatory compliance: moringa conforms to regulatory standards such as HIPAA, 21 CFR, GDPR, and ADA, ensuring patient data is secure and protected.
    •    Partnerships with pharmaceutical companies: moringa's data platform offers insights into the impact of weather on health, helping pharmaceutical companies develop and market weather-related health solutions.
    •    In summary, moringa helps Public Health agencies provide affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare to all citizens of India by improving healthcare outcomes, reducing costs, and increasing patient engagement.

    moringa's benefits to CROs include:

    •    Improved patient recruitment and retention
    •    Enhanced data quality
    •    Faster and more efficient trials
    •    Cost savings
    •    Compliance with regulatory standards

    moringa's data platform can provide several benefits to Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), including improved patient recruitment and retention, enhanced data quality, faster and more efficient trials, cost savings, and compliance with regulatory standards. By utilizing moringa's data platform, CROs can identify and engage with patients who are most likely to participate in clinical trials, collect more accurate and comprehensive data during clinical trials, and make proactive decisions to minimize potential adverse events. Additionally, moringa's platform conforms to regulatory standards, ensuring that CROs remain compliant with regulatory requirements during clinical trials.

    moringa's approach is symptom-based, helping you identify potential health issues and their probable causes based on weather conditions and other factors. Here are some of the incredible benefits of using moringa:

    •    Personalized Health Recommendations
    •    Near Real-Time Data
    •    Engagement and Empowerment

    •    Security and Compliance

    moringa is not just a data platform; it's a revolution in how we approach health and wellness. With moringa by your side, you can stay informed about the impact of weather on your health and take proactive steps to lead a healthier life. Complement the care provided by doctors and physicians with moringa and witness the positive changes in your health.