An ecosystem to improve patient retention by providing personalized care, treatment and knowledge.

Better disease and treatment understanding

Improved Adherence to trial/ therapy

Adequate data for analysis

Increased trial/ therapy success

Patient training

Information Kit

Care pathway awareness

24x7 assistance

Personalized care

Patient Motivation

Better analytical results

Accurate adaptation

Less patient recruitment

Maximum RoI

Broad analysis

Favourable result

Our aim is to make patients independent and confident while undergoing treatment/ therapy/ trial. Due to lack of patient confidence, trust and interest, many trials/ therapy fail to gather ample data for analysis and reporting, as a result success rates are compromised.

The chronic care management system supporting disease ecosystem has been designed to be customized as per therapy/ trial requirement. With personalized support from certified staff, the chronic care management system has the capability to achieve the following but not limited to:

  • Patient adherence

  • Better signal detection

  • Least patients requirement in a trial

  • Better adaptive trial design

  • Adequate good trial data

  • Increased RoI

  • Faster site performance

The platform is best suited for clinical trials where reach to patients are only confined within trial timeline. Chronic Care Management can also be used by payers, pharmaceuticals, physicians or at a personal care level.

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